Sebastian Ruta - Hero

Sebastian Ruta

Residence: Poland

Hometown: Warsaw

Age: 11

Current boat: Malibu M240

Years riding a Malibu: Less than 1 year

How did it start: I was wakeboarding earlier. One day my father told me he will show me more fun and less painful (I had few painful mistakes on wakeboard…) way of surfing. I tried it and can’t stop.

Advice: While wakesurfing, do only stuff that are fun for you.

Personal Best Trick: Catching the wave back after surfing waaay back.

Set-Up: Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey, Goofy

Line length: N/A 

Boat speed: 18.2 - 19 kph

Favourite trick: Ride back onto swim platform of boat and walk in.

Favourite Place to Ride: Lake Ukiel, Poland.

What Tunes are you currently listening when riding: Jammin by Laki Lan

Riders who inspire you: do not know any :(

Favourite food: Shrimps, Sushi, Spaghetti and Korean Grill

An ideal day in your Malibu: First two hours with professional trainer then some rest and some time surfing without any tips.

Plans for 2020:Trap in and out, some air, 360.

Your review of your current Malibu M240: Huuuuge wave, amazing hot air on the way back from heater system.

Personal Statement: I love to surf!

Hobbies: Snowboard, Basketball, Computer Games