Johnny Stieg

This stylish wakesurfer has been a part of the Axis family for several years and you might recognize him by his fluid airs and raw, free-flowing tricks. With a spontaneous approach, Johnny keeps you interested because you never know what he's going to do next. Johnny's ripping style on his board is contrasted by his ultra-cool, laid back personality and he is deeply rooted by his California upbringing, spending countless days surfing every break up and down the coastline. Johnny is not the kind of guy to toot his own horn, so we're going to do it for him. Keep your eye on this guy, because he embodies everything that's good about wakesurfing and makes it look better than most everyone else out there. 


DOB: June 6, 1987

HOMETOWN: Templeton, California

RESIDENCE: Santa Barbara, California

STANCE: Regular

SPONSORS: Axis Wake Research

FAVORITE RIDER: Trever Maur & Randall Harris

FAVORITE TRICK: Grab rail frontside 360

FAVORITE PLACE TO RIDE: Lake Nacimiento, California